Casaroja Reviewed in The Latin Mass

Casaroja has received a new and strongly positive review in The Latin Mass magazine, vol 25., no. 1 (Winter/Spring 2016), by Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carambula, Executive Director of the Rome office of Human Life International and a frequent contributor to the magazine.

An excerpt:

“The main issue of the book is the description of the terrible damage done by priests influenced or in some cases dominated by a Marxist ideology. The author uses valuable literary tools from well-organized flashbacks to very revelatory dreams to tell his story. He provides an excellent description of revolutionary priests through Father Matthew, himself a fine and dedicated priest full of apostolic zeal. After reading this valuable novel we are looking forward to reading the other novels on which the author is working, part of a series called The Long Exile, presenting a chronicle of the history of the Catholic Church in America and its missionary efforts.”


First Review of Casaroja

The first review of my novel Casaroja has appeared in the daily web edition of The Wanderer, by Dr. Maike Hickson:

This review is also out in the January 22 print edition of The Wanderer. Needless to say, it is most gratifying to have this positive and insightful analysis from a serious and informed Catholic writer.